This tips will help you to avoid holidays overcrowding and reduce weight gain

It’s time for Christmas parties, and we are constantly offering us some of the irresistible cakes and other delicacies. So how do you not accumulate excess pounds in holiday time?

Research shows that we do not have the habit of losing weight gain in the winter months, and then the real problem arises. Over time we only accumulate pounds, which ultimately can lead to obesity and numerous health problems.

Luckily, there are tricks that we can avoid holidaying and avoiding weight gain!

1. Count each bite

The best trick for moderate eating is counting each snack. The less bite is better.

2. Eat something before going to the party

If you go to a party, you are less likely to try to taste all the delicacies and end up with full stomach.


3. Pay attention

Do not look at party just as an opportunity to consume food. Enjoy the company of your friends or dancing. Focus on anything except food and calorie alcoholic beverages.

4. Outline yourself

If a buffet is served, take the smallest dish and choose a simpler dish. Fresh fruits, vegetables and shrimp cocktails are a great choice. Watch out of calorie sauces!

5. Slow down the tempo

Have you ever been constrained to eat only the first half hours when you come to the party? That’s wrong! Usually, in such situations, we eat more than we planned! Better slow down the tempo and blend well every bit. Place any spoon or fork after each bite. This should definitely slow you down.

6. Limit your alcohol

Avoid alcohol in larger quantities. In addition to having a lot of calories, the influence of alcohol will be more difficult to control the appetite.


7. Do not try the food while cooking

Of course you will sometimes have to try out what you boiled, but limit your testing. Put the bite in half a teaspoon and it should be enough to notice if some spice is missing.

8. Choose desserts

When it comes to desserts, be extremely careful and selective. Choose fewer snacks and just take what looks sensational to you.

9. Bring your own treat

If you go for a party, take your own low-calorie dessert and hold it.

10. Walk is key

Make a new tradition for the holidays! Organize a family walk. Apart from losing extra calories, the walk will take you from a table full of indulgent delicacies.


“There are people in the world so hungry, that God can not seem to them except in the form of bread.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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