Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry life maybe it will be into BBC musical comedy

Meghan Markle will be played by Pippa Evans in the musical, which is called The Sixth In Line To Be King And I
The BBC has announced plans for a radio musical comedy based on the life of Meghan Markle .

Entitled The Sixth In Line To Be King And I, it will air on New Year’s Day. The “Rodgers and Hammerstein-inspired” piece, on Radio 4, will look at Meghan’s life and her future, as she expects her first child.


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The 15-minute musical is described as an “inspired celebration of Meghan Markle’s life to date”.


It will also “look ahead to what promises to be an exciting 2019 for the happy royal couple as they expect their first child in the spring”.


Pippa Evans will play Meghan, while Richie Webb and Dave Lamb have also been cast.
It is one of two episodes of the 15 Minute Musicals series.


Source: Getty Images

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