Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Table Decorations

Amp up your holiday decor with these Christmas centerpiece ideas that will surely be the center of everyone’s attention come Christmas dinner.
No matter what’s on the menu, a holiday table deserves a special touch.

This is the most festive of holidays and what better to complete your Christmas decorations than to make centerpieces! Having an amazing standout decoration doesn’t always have to be expensive. You just need to call on some creativity and a few supplies, and you’ll be well on your way to making these DIY Christmas centerpiece ideas.

I have some inexpensive and easy-to-make Christmas centerpiece ideas you can choose from. It goes from cute to classy, and best of all, you only need a chunk of time to do these elegant Christmas centerpieces.

Don’t Neglect Your Christmas Table!
So, let’s get started on these easy Christmas table decorations! Start getting crafty!

1. Holiday Centerpiece

Just get some vases, toss in some cranberries and hydrangeas, and voila! You’ve got an amazing table centerpiece.


2. Creative Candle Centerpiece

You can try this with red or green candles. Tie a couple of candles with twine, surround it with some ornaments and pine cones, and you’re done!


3. Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

If you want to have a rustic feel on your dinner table, this is the Christmas centerpiece you should make. White definitely looks stunning as a table color scheme.


4. Dollar Tree Christmas Centerpiece

If you’re on a budget, this would be the perfect Christmas centerpiece you can make. It would only take a few minutes to get this one ready. You’ll just need a couple of hurricane vases, your favorite ornaments, and a ribbon for the finishing touch.


5. Santa Hat Centerpiece

This may take some time, since you will need to sew your own Santa hats and make the candy cane. But, you can still be resourceful and head over to the nearest dollar store.


6. Ornaments in a Bowl

This centerpiece is that straightforward. Who knew a beautiful centerpiece can be made by putting some Christmas ornaments in a glass bowl?


7. Easy Holly Decoration

Holly is another symbol of Christmas. A group of different-sized and -shaped vases with water and holly can be the quick fix to your table centerpiece dilemma.


8. Candle and Peppermint Decor

This will also work well with any colorful candy you can find around. You can use candy canes or even bite-size chocolate bars. I can think of so many sweet things I can fill this vase with.


9. Merry Wine Glasses Centerpiece

This would be a fun idea if you already have different wine glasses around the house. If not, I’m sure your creative side can make it work with just one kind of stemware.


10. Cinnamon Candles

This is a lovely Christmas centerpiece that will also leave your home smelling amazing this holiday season. Just tie some cinnamon sticks to any candle of your choice and place them on your table. You can even decorate any part of your home with this amazing idea.

Cinnamon Candles

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