How To Get Perfect Eyebrows And Not To Look Like Clown

Skincare regimes are beautifully unfussy. Central to this aesthetic is brows.
Today we aspire to a different aesthetic: thick, mussy, androgynous brows that look like they’ve never seen a pair of tweezers.

In reality, the look requires a bit of upkeep – but it is minimal. Your role models here are the likes of Cara Delevingne, model Natalia Castellar and the perennially cool Demi Moore.

There are other ways to keep brows modern. Avoid waxing and threading; instead, use a pair of precise tweezers – to pluck out the few flyaways and otherwise leave untouched. You’ll save time and money too.


“To achieve this, start by growing your brows out, filling in any gaps with brow pencil, then brush the brows up with a clear brow gel to set the look.”


“Waterproof gel, is fast-setting and fills in the colour, botanically formula enriched and full of keratin to make brows look glossy and encourage growth. Think conditioner for brows.”


“Keep the rest of your make-up subtle with just a slick of lipstick — done correctly, the brows should speak for themselves.”
That’s the beauty of the look!


Sometimes less makeup is more, especially on eyebrows!!

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